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A self-employment coach and small business consultant can assist and guide business owners in running their business while also focusing on their personal financial goals. Self-Employment coaches  and consultants aim to help you achieve your goals by providing constructive criticism, business strategizing, personal finance guidance, and other advice that will help you establish a path forward on your financial independence journey.

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We are a small company and recently started selling our inventions, “The Grid Hook – Gold and Silver – A WalkWay Grating Lifting Device”. We needed some advice on sales and marketing, goal setting and direction. This is what we received from Ace. Ace is a good listener, a good communicator. Not knowing our business he was able to communicate some good ideas, and has given me a lot of work to do over the coming months. 

I would recommend you to use Ace’s experience in business, sales and marketing. I will take onboard what Ace has suggested and implement many of his ideas. I will book another gig with Ace in the future to analyse how well I have done and where I could improve. Thank you Ace

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