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Why Find Your Why? Why Does It Matter?

What are your goals in life? Why have you decided on those goals? What do you want in life and why? Why do you want a huge mansion on the beach? Why do we as a society and culture care so much about the way others perceive us? Why do you want the flashy lifestyle if that’s what you want? Yeah, it might be cool to have all the attention and money in the world, but what will you do with that platform and the new opportunities? Thinking about these types of questions might help you find your why and start to give you a purpose or a path to pursue and follow in life.

Also consider checking out Simon Sinek who really dives into this concept much better than I could. But I will say, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of just waking up and walking through the motions until it’s time to sleep again and repeat. And maybe you love going through those motions and repeating that pattern, great! Rinse and repeat my friends. But if not, this video is for you.

FIND YOU WHY in 2021 Video

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